Thursday, August 11, 2005

Author's Note - New Updates and Info on Page Load Times

I tried really hard to keep as current as possible while I was in Kosovo but at times it was hard given the schedule and the internet situation. One of the main items that never made it to the blog was info about the ZR evening concert.

I've just posted photos from that event. But in an effort to keep this blog in as close to actual date order as possible, I have post-dated the ZR concert update for August 6th. So to see the new pictures you will need to scroll down the page.

If I find more time to work on older sections of the blog I will continue to add or update material so keep checking back for new and updated material. And...keep sending your thoughts and/or pictures. This blog is far from over.

Finally...since this blog has tons of photos, it is starting to load much more slowly than before. So don't panic if all of the photos don't show up right away. It may take a few minutes for the entire blog to show up when you visit it.