Thursday, August 18, 2005

Art Acknowledgements and Supply List

Although each class was told to “keep your drawings” I returned from Kosovo with over 300 drawings on nine-and-a-quarter by 12-inch cotton stock purchased or donated from here in the US. A number of people helped with contributions of materials but two stand out; Craig, manager of an art-supply store in Iowa City, Iowa. His corporation declined to contribute as did all other corporations asked, but he personally donated over 1000 pencils, black and colored, and a thousand pieces of quality paper. My dear friends Hasan and Kyle offered “anything I needed” contribution due to weight limitations and space was of smaller size then they wanted. These kinds of people make this project always possible as all of us found out raising funds in general for this trip.

My daughter and I carried approximately 120 pounds of art supplies in two HUGE suitcases and two backpacks. These materials included:

Liquid and tempera paint (several gallons)
Approximately 150 brushes
Sidewalk chalk (approximately 50 pieces)
Permanent markers (2 dozen)
100 rubber erasers
400 colored pencils
Over 1000 black pencils
30 pencil sharpeners
300 crayons
Approximately 3500 sheets of paper including over 100ft by 24-inch rolled index papers.

It took the combined efforts of 32 people to carry this paper, with people like this, great things are always possible. Thank-you with all my heart.