Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Photos from Niva Baker

Diana in the marketplace in Peje

My favorite scene from Rugova Canyon

“White legs and decorated cast contest”

An old roof in Gjakova

Trash in the main stream running through Gjakova

The four main methods of transportation in Gjaokova

The evidence of war in central Gjaokova

A squatter living on an abandoned military installation in central Gjakova

A little boy in art class at Kolonije

The joy of art

My special friend from Kolonije. She kept pointing to my skin and repeating a word.

Doreen and friends at Kolonije

A scene from the Slovene Village

The floor of the women’s bathroom at Slovene Village (I won’t send the really gross one for public viewing)

The uplifting scenery from Slovene Village

The whole group rehearsing at the ZR school the day of the concert

The whole group warming up before the concert at the ZR School

Ali’s and Arlind’s mothers who hosted my two kids, saying good-bye to the whole group.