Saturday, August 20, 2005

Note from Liz - Muscatine's Lasting Impressions

Excerpts of an e-mail I received from Liz today and a few new photos from Kosovo:

I think you've all heard that you totally inspired our volunteers and they are going to try --for the first time ever in Kosovo, I think--fundraising to help with the funds for next summer. They are going to sell lemonade and bracelets at the outdoor market every Monday, if it's successful. We'll see. But I am extremely proud of them for taking this initiative--it was totally their idea.

They are making 2 styles. I'm also going to buy some Oreos at Bondsteel and they are going to try to sell them in small bags. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm sending a couple of pictures--one is the poster they made for the fundraising effort, and the other two are from the camp--playing baseball and wearing necklaces made from kits left here--all since you left, because you left us such wonderful things to do with them!

Take care--lots of love--Liz