Friday, July 29, 2005

Additional Facts About Gjakove and Kosovo

Additional Information about Gjakove

Gjakove, located in Western Kosovo near the Albanian border, is 521 square kilometers including the main city and 84 surrounding villages. It is situated 360 meters above sea level. It is difficult to determine the actual population but UNMIK currently estimates 150,000 people live in the municipality (90,000 in the town and 60,000 in the surrounding villages.)

The old town was built around the Hadumi Mosque (built in the 15th Century) and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The old town is considered the one of the largest bazaars in Europe. Approximately 70% are Muslim while 30% are Catholic. Gjakove boasts a public librabry, theatre, two professional choirs and numerous more folk bands, and a local radio station (Radio Gjakove).

Additional Facts about Kosovo
(Source: An April 2005 UNMIK report)

Approximately 1.9 million

2003 GDP was approximately 1.78 billion Euro, or 960 Euro per capita (1 euro = approximately $1.25). Unemployment is estimated between 50 and 60 percent.

UNMIK remains the provisional authority but a Multiethnic provisional self government has been in place since June 2002. It is based on the May 2001 Constitutional Framework. In October 2004 a 120-member multiethnic Assembly was elected. Kosovo also has 30 municipalities with 30 elected municipal assemblies.

The international KFOR-force has been training a local police force known as the Kosovo Police Service (KPS). There are currently 6,282 KPS officers—84% male; 16% female; 84.5% ethnic-Albanian; 9.4% ethnic Serb; 6.1% other ethnic groups.

398 local judges and prosecutors and 24 international judges and prosecutors

420,000 children attending 1200 schools
Nearly 15,000 university students

6 regional hospitals (including one in Gjakove). Total hospital beds in all of Kosovo equals 5,308. The hospitals are supported by "health houses" in the 30 municipalities. Family clinics serve Kosovo’s smaller villages.